Annie – Chewing Gum

I’ve been enjoying Heartbeat for a few weeks now so I was very excited to hear her single with Richard X, Chewing Gum. And it is just as I expected – as fun and catchy as you can possibly imagine and soaring straight into my top 10 singles of the year so far for certain. Plus, she’s from Norway and I am very much into my Norwegians at the moment. But this would be 100% ace whoever was sing it. The lyrics are great (“I think you think you’re chocolate but you’re chewing gum” and “I don’t wanna settle down, I just wanna chew gum” being obvious favourites) and I cannot stop singing it in my head. This surely cannot fail to be a hit?

100% Poptastic! (I think that’s my first ever 100% as well!)

Tiziano Ferro feat. Jamelia – Universal Prayer

This is very Euro-sounding which (surprise) pleases me. That’s because Tiziano is Italy’s top pop/r’n’b star. He usually sings in his native language and actually wrote Blue’s recent Italian no.1 hit, A Chi Mi Dice which is based on their single Breathe Easy. The video shows Tiz and Jam (as they will now be known) in various settings which could be either in Italy or perhaps Greece with this song featuring on the Olympics album, Unity, alongside many other collaborations a hundred times more bizarre. The lyrics to Universal Prayer are a bit dodgy but we’ll let Tiz off if it’s his first venture into writing in English (it may not be, I don’t know for sure) and he is quite a hottie in some parts of the video (although a bit odd-looking in others) and the song is a little cheap sounding and much poppier than Jam’s usual, but that is a good thing.

74% Poptastic

Brian McFadden – Real To Me

I had heard that the lyrics of this song were terrible but I thought people might be exaggerating a little. I was wrong because they are quite hideous, but hilariously so. The song is about Brian leaving behind the ‘showbiz dinners’ and ‘men in suits’ (er, wasn’t that you Brian?) to be with his family and ‘see his babies run’ (He doesn’t realise it’s him they’re running away from). My favourite bit is “we’ll invite the family round and drink some English tea, then I raise up my finger and watch football on tv”. I don’t know why he is rasiing up his finger, or mentioning English tea since he is Irish, but this does prove that pop stars are not meant to write songs, just sell them with their talent, charm and good looks. Or maybe not in Brian’s case. The most exciting bit of the video was when I thought I saw Hannah SC8, but it wasn’t her.

36% Poptastic

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