Top 20 Reasons V Are Ace!

1. They have all the ingredients a boyband needs.

2. They are all buff hotties.

3. They love each other (and cross dress).

4. A lot.

5. A very lot!

6. Mark can do an impression of a plum tree, which leads to…

7. They are all mad.

8. They give fab interviews.

9. The 3 versions of their single have 13 tracks between them. Great value compared to most bands who seem to want to rip off their fans.

10. They did a boyband medley including BSBs, 5ive & Take That ie. the best boybands ever.

11. They have 5 members, just like all the other best boybands ever (see above).

12. Aaron is a pop genius.

13. They have worked with Xenomania, the first boyband to do so.

14. They can do great upbeat songs (eg. Hip To Hip) as well as lovely slow ones (You Stood Up).

15. Their duet with McFly only included the ace ones (Tom & Danny) and was written by the only ace one in Busted (James). Unsurprisingly, Chills In The Evening is very good indeed.

16. Mark was in a band with someone from Fame Academy. Admittedly, it was Gary but he made up for what he lacked in aceness (he didn’t want to be in a boyband) with buff hottieness.

17. Kevin reminds me of one of my friends.

18. They want to be pop stars and not r’n’b or rock and they all seem happy to be doing the pop star job.

19. They are the most genuinely cheery band in pop.

20. They have the chance to be very successful now they’ve had 2 top 5 hits! You Stood Up is their best song and next single so it should be their biggest hit when it comes out in October and they might even get an album!

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