More Birthday Celebrations

March: We celebrated boybands of the 90s, wrote a very long review of JC Chasez, Bryan left Westlife, discovered AGSFB, reminisced about Ace of base and Gina G, saw Maroon 5 live, loved Surferosa, Scissor Sisters and the PSB’s Flamboyant, heard news of my long lost love Darren Hayes and got Will tour tickets. April:… Continue reading More Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday To Me

Well not me exactly but Dirrrty Pop is one year old this month! So here’s all my best bits of our first year: June: Started Dirrrty Pop, went to Summer XS in Reading, read the Popstars: The Rivals book which I still haven’t finished! July: Went to Party In The Park in London and Will… Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me

Pieces Of Aceness

Here’s a few artists that I’m loving at the moment: Kim-Lian is a Dutch actress & TV presenter (of Holland’s answer to CD:UK) turned pop star and the daughter of one of the best Latin-American dancing couples of the world, so she had a head-start on her way to becoming, as her debut single said,… Continue reading Pieces Of Aceness