Pieces Of Aceness

Here’s a few artists that I’m loving at the moment:

Kim-Lian is a Dutch actress & TV presenter (of Holland’s answer to CD:UK) turned pop star and the daughter of one of the best Latin-American dancing couples of the world, so she had a head-start on her way to becoming, as her debut single said, a Teenage Superstar. Her latest single, Garden Of Love, is a slower tempo song which has been growing on me with each listen and she has made a great teen-pop album, including my favourite, the story of lonely superhero Olivia Oblivion. Official site.

Yes, that is Hanson! They have grown up a lot since their mmmbopping days, are now aged between 17 and 22 and are in fact looking quite lovely. Except Isaac who still looks odd. Their new single, Penny & Me, is sounding just as lovely and must be one of their best yet. The new album, Underneath, was released independently on their own 3CG Records label a few weeks ago and they are heading for another big hit single and album to add to their collection. Official site.

Jojo, aka Joanna Levesque, may be only 13 but she could well be the next US pop sensation. Her catchy pop-r’n’b single Leave (Get Out) is shooting up the charts and the idea of the video (the camera is Jojo’s boyfriend, being told off) and name of the song proves she must be a Will Young fan! More info.

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