Video Killed The Radio Star

In Nicola Alouds out of 5!

Jamelia – See It In A Boy’s Eyes

I was a bit disappointed by this track when I first heard it, although I don’t know why I was expecting excitement from a song involving Chris Martin, but since seeing the video it’s growing on me a lot. I hadn’t expected the video to actually be Jamelia being a boy (in the army to be precise) but it looks great and really fits the song. There’s a really cute boy in it too who even has some shower scenes, which is always a good idea. I reckon this could be a really big hit, maybe even no.1.

Will Young – Friday’s Child

I was quite surprised when I heard that Will was releasing this and it doesn’t seem to be going down that well (except with my aunt who can’t stop talking about Will’s swimming trunks) which is a shame. The video doesn’t match the song, but looking past that it’s still an interesting and certainly amusing video, which includes Will wearing swimiing trunks and precisely nothing else. Unless armbands count?

Freestylers – Push Up

I love this song more with every listen and I’ll be shocked if it’s not a huge hit. It’s a great dance/pop track that will appeal to anyone wanting a summer party song. The lyrics are great and the video, although a bit trashy, has some super-fab dancing that makes you want to join in even sitting on your sofa.

Shaznay Lewis – Never Felt Like This Before

I remember Shaznay’s aceness and talent from All Saints (“She wrote Never Ever!” etc.) so I was looking forward to hearing this. It turns out to be a lovely mid-tempo ballad with great lyrics. I don’t know how well this will do, it doesn’t exactly grab your attention, but hopefully with enough promo and radio play it will be at least top 10. I suspect that she will try and get the album out whatever happens cos I’m sure she has put a lot of effort into it and I am very much looking forward to hearing more from her.

Snow Patrol – Spitting Games

I don’t know if I ever confessed my love for this band on here but basically I adored Chocolate, saw the album cheap in Woolies, bought it and loved it. I’m very pleased they are re-releasing this because it’s one of my faves and the video has singer Gary Lightbody looking even more of a buff hottie than usual! Very impressed.

In other video news, Razorlight are filling the gap between the Strokes and the Strokes and Flip & Fill’s Discoland is making everyone’s eyes hurt.

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