More Birthday Celebrations

March: We celebrated boybands of the 90s, wrote a very long review of JC Chasez, Bryan left Westlife, discovered AGSFB, reminisced about Ace of base and Gina G, saw Maroon 5 live, loved Surferosa, Scissor Sisters and the PSB’s Flamboyant, heard news of my long lost love Darren Hayes and got Will tour tickets.

April: Loved Seth on The OC, Shebang, AI3, Erik Faber and Robyn, realised the aceness of Snow Patrol, got scared by Will’s glasses and reminisced about Take That.

May: Saw Will at Oxford, launched Into The Groove, loved Gavin Degraw, Alcazar and Lambretta, reminisced about the Vengaboys and got over-excited by Eurovision and the GA comeback.

What a fab year it has been! Let’s hope the next 12 months are just as fun and pop-filled.

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