Happy Birthday To Me

Well not me exactly but Dirrrty Pop is one year old this month! So here’s all my best bits of our first year:

June: Started Dirrrty Pop, went to Summer XS in Reading, read the Popstars: The Rivals book which I still haven’t finished!

July: Went to Party In The Park in London and Will Young in Exeter, compiled the A-Z of pop reality tv, got comments boxes, deciding which albums I would buy this year (only 2 ever came out!), Fame Academy began.

August: Realised the aceness of Alistair (he WAS ace!), found this, watched Alistair’s pants…all a bit Alistair shaped really! Also, Pop idol 2 started and I went to Germany on holiday.

September: Went back to school, loved Delta Goodrem, Thicke and Adam off Pop Idol, realised Chris the Vicar was not a real vicar.

October: Alistair lost out on FA at the last moment, causing much stress, which was lifted by a Will gig the next day. Loved Maroon 5, Siobhan Donaghy, Jamelia, Phixx and Jason Mraz, had a Darren Hayes day, demanded JC and Sarah Connor’s songs were released here and for once it worked! Plus Andrex Phixx came out (Shock!) and Will came back with LRN which I didn’t think would do that well. Hmm…

November: Will, Sita and Britney returned, this happened and I got a bit too excited about World Idol.

To be continued!

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