1st Year Of Dirrrty Pop Continued…

December: I picked my top 25 singles of the year and held the Dirrrty Pop Awards 2003, got very excited about Will’s album and World Idol, loved Ari Hest, S Club 8 and Pop Idol, was sad at the end of Dawson’s Creek and made presents for all the ace people I met in 2003.

January: I was very pleased to see the return of American Idol, discovered the lovely Ben Jelen and ace Soundic Radio, Alistair released an album, Atomic Kitten split (yay!) I was loving Love Revolution and You Freak Me Out and it was Will’s (and Gary Barlow’s!) birthday.

February: Will unveiled the Your Game video, the Brits were rubbish and Will woz robbed, we found out all about V, enjoyed Making Our Mind Up and Toxic and fell in love with Travel Girl.

To be continued (again).

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