Cos She’s So Claire Voyant, The Way She Looks (Into The Future)

Meet Claire Voyant, Dirrrty Pop’s new resident fortune teller, and her psychic sidekick Sybil the hamster.

Pictures not to scale. They’re here to tell us the future of pop music. Here are their predictions for the month of May.

Claire: I predict that there will be no.1s for Ronan & LeAnn and Frankee, as well as big hits for the 411, Xtina Milian, Natasha Bedingfield, Gabrielle and Jessica Simpson. After April’s male dominated charts (Eamon, D12, Rasmus etc.), this will be a great month for the girls of pop. Sybil, what do you think?

Sybil: I’m looking forward to seeing the disappointed little faces of VS when they miss the top 40 and are subsequently dropped!

Claire: Gosh Sybil, you’re so mean sometimes!

Thanks guys, we’ll check back at the end of the month to see how many of your predictions come true.

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