Exciting Times Ahead

This Love by Maroon 5 comes out next Monday. It has acoustic versions of Harder To Breathe and The Sun. The cover is green. Ben Jelen’s album comes out properly tomorrow. There is another programe about boybands on channel 4 tonight. Gary Barlow is maybe starring in the next I’m A Celebrity. It is only… Continue reading Exciting Times Ahead

Take That And Party!

I caught the last hour of the Take That concert last night and I’m so glad I did because it was amazing. I was happily reminiscing about the loveliness of Mark Owen and A Million Love Songs, when suddenly the boys disappeared off stage and returned in pants and a bit of rope disguised as… Continue reading Take That And Party!

Have You Met Mr Jones?

Have you ever wondered what happened to The Other One from Savage Garden? If you’re like me, this is one of the great mysteries of life. On the other hand, you have probably forgotten he ever existed, or worse forgotten who Savage Garden are completely. You know, Darren Hayes’ band? The Insatiable bloke? Oh never… Continue reading Have You Met Mr Jones?

A Shocking Revelation

Adam Levine is not in fact a man, but a gorilla. Or perhaps even a mammoth. Look at the hairy arms in this photo: It’s quite disturbing!

I’m scared!

He looks ridiculous. And scary. But he won 2 awards, Best Male and Best Album so well done Will! Take that Bedingfield! This one was actually voted for by the public rather than some snobby industry types.


I have just found the September album on CD Wow. September is responsible for such aceness as September All Over, We Can Do It and La La La. But will her aceness last another 8 songs and should I spend £8.99 to find out? None of the tracks are online as far as I can… Continue reading Hmmm


Recently I’ve been watching The Amp music channel, because they play more Maroon 5, Scissor Sisters, Pet Shop Boys and Basement Jaxx than the other channels and you don’t have to sit through Atomic Kitten to see them. However, I think the overall indieness of the channel has infected me somehow as I find myself… Continue reading Emergency!