Terrible News!

I was just sitting quite happily at the computer when I heard a song I recognised coming from upstairs. I suddenly decided I loved the song but it wasn’t until I had stood at the bottom of the stairs singing along to the whole thing until I realised it was…Twen2y 4 Se7en! For people who don’t watch adverts on The Box or Popworld and don’t know this lot, they are the most rubbish boyband ever invented. Their first single, the name of which I have forgotten, was exactly that – instantly forgettable. Aren’t lead singers meant to be pretty? He looks like my old form tutor *shudder*. The picture at the top of their site reveals that one of them has a detachable right arm. Also, three of them appear to be identical – will they be the first triplets in pop? The new video looks a lot like Blue’s for Breathe Easy except without the snow or the funeral (not much like it at all really then!) and the song is in a similar vein too. What is more worrying than my accidentally liking it is that it was on the radio at all. Now I am scared.

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