So US As Idol

Watching American Idol last night, my Mum noticed someone in the audience wearing a very silly orange hat. I agreed that it was horrible, but moments later noticed something quite disturbing – the owner bore a strong resemblance to So Oz As Idol champion, Guy Sebastian. A few minutes later, Ryan confirmed my suspisions – Guy was following in the footsteps of Kate Thornton and appearing on American Idol. Wow Guy, you’re so famous now!

The show itself was not particularly interesting. There were some good performances but it was Barry Manilow and as anyone with eyes can see (even Mr Manilow himself), Barry is Clay senior and therefore not worth even thinking about. He also wrote Mandy *bleugh* and the equally rubbish Copacobana. The most exciting part was the results, where the three most talented girls found themselves in the bottom three while the lucky to be there Jasmie, Diana and John were safe! Luckily it was possibly male with scary eyes Jennifer who was booted off and LaToya and Fantastia (both fab) are sticking around. I’m starting to think even leaving the decision of the winner up to the judges would be a fairer and more reliable way of finding the stars of the future. I doubt that the winner of this show will be as popular as previous Idols although anyone that wants to kindly remove Clay from the universe will be warmly welcomed.

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