My Euro Top 10 Of The Moment

1. SheMale – Étre Une Femme French ‘girl’ group, extremely catchy, sounds like SC8 singing French.

2. September – We Can Do It/September All Over Dancey pop, vocals a mix of Jo and Rachel ex-S Club.

3. Hitchhike – Travel Girl Amazing spoken disco-y track from Greece (in English).

4. Natasha Thomas – It’s All Over Ace Of Base protégé.

5. Lisa Miskovsky – Lady Stardust Slightly MOR catchy pop, singer could be Fleetwood Mac.

6. Kim-Lian – Teenage Superstar Energetic teen pop with surf guitars.

7. Bosson – A Little More Time Cheesy and cheerful dancey pop.

8. Lene – Here We Go Ace Moonbaby cover.

9. Sahlene – House Fab German pop, sounds a bit like Loveshack.

10. Sita – Popstar A Robyn-penned track by my fave pop rock chick.

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