Dougie Update

Turns out that Dougie McFly is older than me and Aaron SC8, but only by a few weeks. He’s even older than the original Aaron of pop, forgotten before he turned 12, Aaron Carter. Anyway, I read Dougie’s profile on McFly’s fan site and I am still undecided about whether he is worth liking. Let’s work out the pros and cons:


He’s not younger than me.

He admits going to a Wet Wet Wet concert (Not afraid to be mocked).

He doesn’t like cars.

He admits to spying on bandmate Harry at night – interesting!

He looks like this:


He’s in McFly.

He loves Blink 182.

He likes Evanescence.

His favourite TV shows are MTV (Cribs etc.)

His favourite actress is Hilary Duff.

He doesn’t know what a motto is, unless his is “What’s a motto?”

He eats other people’s dead skin.

He names his poos.

He is inspired by Gareth Gates – surely a joke!


Pros: 5

Cons: 9

Pretty as he is, he likes Blink 182 and therefore is a no go zone. For now I will just have to ponder why all 16 year olds aren’t that cute.

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