Video Killed The Radio Star

Keisha White – Whatcha Gonna Do

This girl was hyped at the start of the year as the next big thing but I could tell as soon as I heard this and saw the video that she’s goign to be very disappointed. I’m sure she’s very talented, but this song is nothing new and her dancing in the video is frankly embarrassing. She was dancing twice as fast as the song!

Maroon 5 – This Love

I first saw this video a few months ago and was impressed to say the least. The song was an instant favourite on the album and a great choice for the second single, being one of several even better than Harder To Breathe. This deserves a top ten entry at the very least, but if not it should help the album along and get them a fantastic reputation. The video is also a must see full of nakedness and other good things which I didn’t notice because of the nakedness. Go the 5!

Bellefire – Say Something Anyway

Bellefire could release catchy pop songs, maybe be the new B*Witched, but instead my dear enemy Louis has given them yet another mediocre pop tune that goes absolutely nowhere. It does get vaguely interesting with a few modern sounding noises in the middle 8, but apart from that this is uninspiring as ever. And they have lost a member – when did that happen?

Blaque – I’m Good

This song has the potential to be really great in an early Destiny’s Child or a TLC way, but the lead singer ruins it with her annoying voice. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s annoying about it but it’s definitely there. Blaque have been around since the late 90s and have been largely ignored, so if they don’t take off this time they are going to have to give up. Still, catchy song so it has a chance.

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