International Video Challenge

Representing Estonia: Kerli – Army of Love
I was a huge fan of Kerli’s 2004 single (and Eurovision submission!) Beautiful Inside, but when she was given an international record deal I went off her as the songs were too dark and hook-free for my liking. However, she’s about to release her second international album and promises a new more poptastic sound, starting with the first single Army of Love. Having seen her video diaries about making the video, I’ve grown to love Kerli – she’s adorable and has so many amazing outfits! She’s often compared to Lady GaGa (some say GaGa copied Kerli) and she may not have anywhere near such great songs, but I warm to her so much more as a person that her kooky outfits and persona seem fun rather than annoying, as Gaga can be. Army of Love is definitely her best single since Beautiful Inside and hopefully the beginning of much more aceness to come. Also she seems to have based her look for the video on Alda, which makes her automatically amazing!

Representing the UK & USA: Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown – Champion
As rap is a genre of music born in the USA, it’s natural that any British rapper who does quite well for themself would decide to attempt to break into the American charts. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out for any of them yet (unless I’m missing someone?), and I don’t think Chipmunk will be the one to change that. Tinie Tempah maybe, but Chipmunk? No chance. So the amount of money his label have presumably spent on getting Chris Brown on Chip’s new single is pretty much futile. It could work, in the sense that some dim people will think that because someone very famous is on his song, Chipmunk must be really going places these days. Problem is, he’s chosen a singer who’s most famous for beating his girlfriend. Not the best choice ever. He should have stuck to making cute, catchy urban pop with UK talent like Emeli Sande and Talay Riley, then maybe he’d have been able to afford to work with some good songwriters too.


  1. Funny you mention the US crossover for UK rappers. Tinie is looking to get a huge push from Capitol in 2011 here in the States. I fear that will go as well as the JLS rollout went.

  2. Check out iTunes. “Everybody in Love” just barely entered the Pop airplay top 40 earlier in the year, and then an EP was released in August with six tracks, including “Beat Again,” “One Shot” and “The Club is Alive.”

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