The 25 Most Poptastic Singles of 2010 – Part 3

The 15th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Tove Styrke – Million Pieces

Released: 25th June (Swe)
Trivia: Tove’s music is basically a mainstream version of your typical Swedish indie-pop, and considering mainstream and indie Swedish pop are both amazing then of course a combination of the two will be great! Million Pieces was written by Lykke Li and Adam Olenius from the Shout Out Louds (who are responsible for this indie-pop classic).
Best bits: 1. Oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh-ohoh
2. So stay with me baby, don’t break me my baby, so stay with me baby, so stay
3. last night I said I was fine but I lied, my heart in thousand pieces, million pieces tonight

The 14th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

The Wanted – All Time Low

Released: 26th July (UK)
Trivia: One of All Time Low’s co-writers was future pop superstar Ed Drewett, but he’s not the only singer (past or present) to pen a track for The Wanted. Their album also features tracks written by Steph Jones (Jordin Sparks’ ex), Taio Cruz, Jamie Hartman (Ben’s Brother), Cathy Dennis, Lucas Secon and even early ’00s Aussie popstar Leah Haywood!
Best bits: 1. I can’t even find a place to start, how do I choose between my head and heart?
2. When I’m standing on the yellow line waiting at the station, or I’m late for work, a vital presentation
3. I’m in pieces, it seems like peace is the only thing I’ll never know

The 13th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

September – Resuscitate Me

Released: 19th Nov (Swe)
Trivia: This song was written by Lucas Secon, the same guy who wrote Get Out of My Way for Kylie and many other amazing works of pop. I interviewed him recently and you can read what happened here.
Best bits: 1. Don’t you let my heart die boy, this is an emergency!
2. I need Love CPR, but you’re so far… away…
3. Resusci-susci-tate me baby! Resusci-susci-tate me, come on!

The 12th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Cheryl Cole – Promise This

Released: 21st Oct (UK)
Trivia: Continuing in the theme of ace popstars writing ace songs, this one was written by Priscilla Renéa of Dollhouse almost-fame. As much as I love Cheryl, she couldn’t pull off the feisty lyrics of Dollhouse and that’s a sad thing considering not so long ago she was a dangerous and lazy girl with no soul…
Best bits: 1. Alouette-uette-uette, alouette-uette-uette, alouette-uette-uette, déployer/plumerai les ailes
2. Before I pluck your wings cover me please, spread your wings, cover me
3. On your knees you’ll pray for me, promise this be the last to kiss my lips

The 11th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Darin – Can’t Stop Love

Released: 19th June (Swe)
Trivia: This song was released to celebrate the royal wedding in Sweden this year. As Paul from My Fizzy Pop recently suggested, wouldn’t it be the perfect song for JLS to release to celebrate the British royal wedding in 2011? JLS becoming cheesy balladeers would be a quite pleasing outcome of the royal wedding, for me at least.
Best bits: 1. They said this love was the impossible kind, but we were strong enough to fight for this life
2. I can’t stop, can’t stop this love, no matter what they say I love you
3. And now I’m happy I stood up for so long, yeah baby this is where my story starts


  1. Let's start a Can't Stop Love campaign!! Hehe. Anyway, i'm on board with the latest list of selections except Cheryl Cole. You know i can't get on board with that… Still the wanted did give us the coolest boyband single of the year this side of a reformed take that!

  2. There were lots of Tove Styrke posters around Sweden when I was there a few weeks ago. I hadn't heard of her, but I like what I hear. Glad to see you're already in the know!

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