The 25 Most Poptastic Singles of 2010 – Part 2

The 20th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Robyn – Fembot

Released: 16th April (Swe)
Trivia: This was never released as a single in the UK but it was the first single from Body Talk in Sweden, which meant I could include it in my chart! This song always makes me think of British pop’s fembot princess, Pixie Lott.
Best bits: 1. I’ve got some news for you: Fembots have feelings too
2. Jag älskar dig
3. My system’s in mint condition, the power’s up on my transistors

The 19th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Taylor Swift – Mine

Released: 18th Oct (UK)
Trivia: Did you know that Taylor wrote her new album entirely by herself? As much as I love it when a great songwriter provides songs for a great artist, it’s even more amazing when a great artist can write their own great songs and Taylor is a fantastic example of this. Mine was a fantastic lead single and her new album is very much worth buying, even if you don’t think you like country!
Best bits: 1. Hold on, we’ll make it last, hold on, we’ll never turn back
2. You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter, you are the best thing that’s ever been mine
3. Do you remember, we were sittin’ there, by the water? You put your arm around me for the first time

The 18th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Linda Sundblad – Let’s Dance

Released: 28th Dec ’09 (Swe) – but it charted in Jan so I’ll allow it!
Trivia: Linda is another fantastic female songwriter and as well as many of her own hits, she’s also written songs for other artists. I recently discovered she co-wrote this pop masterpiece!
Best bits: 1. ‘Cos tonight we’re gonna face the music, hit the floor baby let’s let’s take the chance
2. Feel the rhythm of every heartbeat, (let’s) let’s (let’s) let’s (let’s) let’s dance!
3. Turn up the beat, get on your feet, give in to desiii-ire!

The 17th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Ola – All Over The World

Released: 5th Nov (Swe)
Trivia: The title line in this song sounds spookily similar to Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber. After some consideration I have put it down to bizarre coincidence as the two songs were first heard at pretty much the same time, making it unlikely that either was a copy of the other.
Best bits: 1. Follow me all over the woooorld
2. Just let your head go insane, lose your name, be what you’re made to be
3. You got one second to go!

The 16th Most Poptastic Single of 2010

Kelly Rowland – Rose Colored Glasses

Released: 29th June (US)
Trivia: I find it absolutely shocking that this has not been released in the UK when the exhaustingly dull Forever and a Day has. Then again, it was released in America and wasn’t no.1 for even a week, let alone the 10+ weeks it deserves, so I guess that just shows the world is deaf to its amazingness. All the more for us, then!
Best bits: 1. Take ’em off! TAKE ‘EM OFF! etc
2. Everything is beautiful when you’re looking through rose coloured glasses
3. They can’t be the judge ‘cos…


  1. 'Rose Coloured Glasses' – yes, yes, yes!
    I just can't with 'Forever And A Day' – absolute tripe. But THIS? Criminally slept on. Such beautiful lyrics. The hours I spent driving with this up on full blast – hollering, crying and badly miming along.

  2. Definitely yes to Ola of course. What a great pop song that was 🙂 Makes me wish Avenue would reform 😛 Plus Kelly put out some great tunes this year but my fave was SHake Them Haters Off. Something so moreish about it 🙂

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