Brighton’s Got Talent

I’ve discovered the new Amy Diamond! I just didn’t expect it to be a 13 year old boy from Brighton. Today I was in town and there was a boy singing by the shopping centre. I thought he was really good, so I went to his MySpace when I got home. The first song, Great Escape, came on, and I was amused to find that the intro sounded rather Amy Diamond-esque, and then the chorus got going and it was even more Amy-esque than If You Seek Amy (well, maybe not, that does have her name in the title). It had the word ‘domino’ in it and everything! There are 2 other songs on his MySpace which are good too, but not quite as super-ace as Great Escape. He’s released an album, which you can buy on Amazon if you like him and want to support someone just starting out. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him on The X Factor in a few years, if it’s still going by then.

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