Got a question for Dr Pop?

I am currently putting together a special new project… well, I say new, but actually it’s a revival of an old one. My long-term readers will remember that I have previously put together 2 pop zines, called Poptastisk (Swedish for poptastic). Since it is one of my life aims (along with being head of Eurovision and joining BWO!) to start up my own pop magazine, regardless of how many people actually read it, I have decided to get on with it. No time like the present! There will be interviews with some super-groovy popstars (I’m planning a female electropop theme), and some fun features.

One of my ideas is a kind of letters page, where I will use my extreme knowledge of pop music to answer some queries from my readers. That’s where you come in! Is there something you’ve always wanted to know? Perhaps you wonder what happened to a favourite act of yours, or want my opinion on a certain issue in pop. Maybe you want advice on something pop-related. Whatever it is, send in your questions to and look out for my response in the magazine which will hopefully be available in the next few weeks.

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