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Melody Club – Girls Don’t Always Wanna Have Fun (Listen)
I started off quite underwhelmed by the new Melody Club single, but it has grown on me with more listens, as I hoped it would. It’s still nowhere near their best material, but considering how brilliant Melody Club have been in the past, that’s not a big criticism. The guitars and the vocals seem rockier than on their previous hits, which is naturally a step in the wrong direction in my poptastic books. The chorus is quite catchy, but I miss the sing-along synthpop of Baby, Electric, Take Me Away and all the rest. However, it could bring them new fans and they do make rock music better than 99% of actual rock bands. I’m still eagerly awaiting the new album, without a doubt.
93% Poptastic!

The Cab – Bounce (Listen)
This song has been around a few months already, but I mainly want to alert you to this band, and Bounce was their latest single. They may be a rock band, signed to a label run by one of Panic at the Disco, but the first band anyone with any sense will compare them to is *N Sync. What is most bizarre is that they seem to embrace this comparison wholeheartedly, regularly singing *N Sync songs at their concerts. Never before have I known an act to embrace a comparison to another band, particularly one that you’d expect the members to look down on, in such a way. In fact, for me it makes this band of medium quality much more interesting. Their problem is that all of their songs are quite good, but putting themself in comparison to *N Sync is in a way their downfall, cos they have never made anything as good. If they cut out the Fall Out Boy influences and went just for *N Sync style, I’d love them, but until then I’m not really on board.
72% Poptastic!

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