Amazing Pop Discovery #478723

I was thinking today about the early 00s pop group, VS. They annoyed me at first, because V were around at the same time and I adored V, so I didn’t want people to get them confused. However, I really liked their second single, Call U Sexy, and still listen to it today. I also took a liking to one of the members, who this morning I could only remember as ‘the one with braided hair’. He was cute and always seemed like the nicest member. I wondered if any of them were still in the pop business, but realised that I couldn’t remember what any of them looked like, except that one had braids and was good-looking.

So, this evening I decided to have a look at some of their videos, and it turns out I was right: one of them is still in the pop business, and in fact I must have a good star-spotting radar because it was my favourite, the braided hair guy. And guess who he is? Marvin from JLS! I’d always thought he looked a bit familiar but it was so vague I thought I’d imagined it. Anyway, here’s the video for VS’s best song, so you can share in my nostalgia trip:


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