Excellent News!

David Archuleta is not going to be the new Leona. He already has 3 good songs to his name, 1 more than Leona has so far accumulated. You may wonder how I can be so sure of this. Well, a little investigation on the ever-useful ASCAP website shows that 2 new songs have been registered under David’s name. One, My Hands, is written by Emanuel Kiriakou, who wrote Crush, as well as all of Nick Lachey’s acest songs, and James Fauntleroy, one of the writers of the magnificent No Air. So that can’t be bad. The other is a cover of a song I already know is great, You Ruined Me by JC Chasez. I think it’s perfect for David, and now I’m even more excited than before to hear more from his album. I might even buy it – a first for an AI contestant, despite my devotion to the show.

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