Another unexpected comeback!

If you’re British, unless you’ve been reading this blog for several years, you probably won’t know who The Servant are, even though they’re quite a successful British band. They did release at least one song in the UK called Liquefy, but it got nowhere except for the occasional play on long lost indie music channel The Amp. It caught my attention, and I got myself a copy of their self-titled third album, which turned out to be quite brilliant, and I recommended it highly on my blogs, even if no-one but me seemed to care very much at the time. However, The Servant somehow acquired a strong following in France and Italy. Unfortunately, I didn’t think so much to what I heard of their 2006 follow-up album, and I suppose the fans didn’t either as the band split up in 2007.

Today I was listening to a new singer called Dan Black who was being touted as ‘one to watch’ on the Wonky Pop website, and I instantly recognised the singing voice. I worked out that it was the singer from The Servant, and some research told me that his new song (Hypnotize by Notorious BIG sung over the Umbrella backing track) is attracting a lot of interest. Dan has a MySpace with two other new songs on it, and they’re probably his best work yet – he’s only gone electro-r’n’b-pop! I really hope he finally gets the success he deserves, and I look forward to hearing what he comes up with now that the world is watching. There’s nothing like the promise of international success to urge an act in the direction of poptasticness.


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