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Those Dancing Days – Home Sweet Home (Watch)
Here’s the next UK single from the world’s coolest girlband. I don’t know if they’ll ever make anything quite as amazing as Hitten again, but this is really cute and jolly song which improves as it goes along. The video is my favourite of theirs so far, and one of the best I’ve seen this year actually. It’s 19 months since I first posted Hitten on Into The Groove, and at the time they weren’t even signed. Now they’re releasing an album in the UK! I’m so pleased that things have gone well for them, but I want them to re-release Hitten so that they can engage some more fans and sell lots of albums.
87% Poptastic!

CSS – Move (Watch)
Another band who are spectacularly ace and cool are CSS, but I have to be honest and admit that I don’t like their new album as much as their previous one. When they burst onto the UK music scene in 2006, they seemed so different and exciting, and their album had loads of fun and interesting songs, any of which could have been hit singles. The new album is not bad at all, but there aren’t any really memorable stand-out tracks. If they’d come back with something like Beat Control by Tilly & the Wall (who supported CSS when I saw them in London last year), I’d be much more enthusiastic. Still, they are a great band and they seem entirely adorable in this video.
79% Poptastic!

The Virgins – One Week of Danger (Listen)
If you like fun American catchy-rock bands like Fountains of Wayne, The Click Five and Under the Influence of Giants, then you have to check our The Virgins. Knowing they were from New York, and having overheard a very chic new student at my uni mention them, I expected them to be a bit obtuse and posey, but they’re not at all. They’re fun! One Week isn’t quite Somebody To Love or Pop Princess, but it’s got a great vibe about it and definitely superior to most American rock bands. The other songs on their MySpace are jolly and catchy too. I don’t know if it’s a recipe for success, but I’m sure that getting my approval is much more important to them!
77% Poptastic!

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