Before the cool done run out they’ll be giving it their bestest

As promised, here are my favourite Idol contestants of 2008! They’ve only got through the first round so far, so expect plenty of these to make it no further than boot camp. However, I’d put a bet on the future Idol-vinnare being in this playlist…

Alice Svensson – once sang a Greek Eurovision song at Skansen, pretty sure to be a future MF entrant

Lars Eriksson – far too cool for X Factor, but on Idol he fits right in, although could just be a less aww-inspiring Jason Castro

Kevin Borg – he was a Malteser, so I knew he would have been involved in Eurovision, and yep… he entered Malta’s Song For Europe in 2007

Johan Sommevåg – very pretty boy with a good voice, but he wrote this rubbish song, so it’s not a good sign for future poptasticness

Dolores Huremovic – the new Amy Winehouse or a wannabe Amanda Jenssen? Only time will tell!

Nils Fredriksson – entertaining, as long as he’s singing The Ark, but will he still be on a less acetastic song?

Robin Bengtsson – so they do have chavs in Sweden! This one looks like my cousin, and sings quite well, though

Almira Drmaku Kissnödig – adorably jolly young girl, I think she may be my favourite at the moment

Kenny Lundström – Brolle must have been making way for this guy when he removed the Jr from the end of his name – now it all makes sense!

Hanna Antonsson – another young one, but potential here for a new cute indie-pop girl to keep Marit, Annika etc. on their toes

Erik Ljung – ooh, it’s Kappie from Greek! With that and singing Jason Mraz, I already mega-love Erik Ljung

Anna Bergendahl – the hot favourite, a folky singer with a surprising voice, her happiness to get through adding extra endearing points

Soledad Alarcon – strong voice and great song choice, if only she didn’t share her name with a Westlife song, I’d be a fan

Andreas Larsson – nervous boy but seems very sweet and quite talented, I just hope it doesn’t all prove too much for him

Marcus Karlsson – his video fell off the Internet but he’s on my list of possibilities, whoever he was…

And along the way you can spot a few funny ones, cos the auditions wouldn’t be complete without them after all!

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