New Pop On The Block

Amy Diamond – Stay My Baby
Well, Amy seems to have given up on the new mature direction (which turned out to be the same as her old songs but a bit boring) already and employed the one and only Max Martin to provide her with a song as cute and fun as we had come to expect from our favourite miniature pop diva. It’s very catchy and great, but I can’t remember much more because I’ve only heard it once on the radio so far and it’s not online anywhere, as far as I can see. I certainly recommend you to keep an eye on YouTube though, or just listen to Rix FM as they’re sure to be playing it every other song soon enough, as they thankfully love to with new Amy songs. The album, if you’re interested, is out November 28th.
93% Poptastic!

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am (Live)
You might have heard her song Keep Breathing used in a poignant moment in Grey’s Anatomy recently (if you’re American or adept with the Internet, that is), but it’s this one that is being played on American radio stations and so I presume it is her new single. Although her name sounds Scandinavian she lives in New York, but I suppose her style could fit in well enough with the quirky pop ladies of these upper regions of Europe. Perhaps more so, though, with people like Imogen Heap or Regina Spektor. I think it’s lovely to see a popstar with glasses, and with her lyrics of ordinary-people-empowerment (you take me the way I am etc.) she is a new icon for geeky girls.
79% Poptastic!

I Nine – Seven Days Of Lonely (Listen)
They do like numbers, don’t they? This band seem quite promising, though. The sound is similar to Lilyjets, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch or Lillix, but this band isn’t a girl band, just a female-fronted one, so of course they are inherently inferior to Lillix and Lilyjets. The song is catchy and nice, although not at all original. It’s popular on my new fave US radio station (well, my fad of this week, anyway), KMBX Hot AC from Las Vegas. I can’t see this being hugely successful, but it will be sort of a shame if it is (even though it’s good), since there are so many better similar songs available which never have any success in the US because they are all girls, or marketed at teenagers, or not American.
82% Poptastic!

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