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Backstreet Boys – Helpless When She Smiles (Listen)
I haven’t bought the new BSBs album yet, since I decided to put it on my Xmas list in order to have at least one thing to be excited about this Yuletide. I liked the first single, Inconsolable, even though every time I hear it I must still take a moment to work out if it is Inconsolable or Incomplete, but I was a little annoyed when I heard the boys complaining that their record company was forcing them to release this, yet another song that sounds like Incomplete. However, after a few listens I’ve grown to really like this song. The first line of the chorus, “I’m a house of cards in a hurricane”, has something really satisfying in its lyrics and melody. I can’t remember much of the rest of the song, but I have to declare my love for that one line.
85% Poptastic!

Caroline Larsson – Sweet Little Gun (Listen)
I always thought this song was by a man until I found out that the singer was called Caroline. She’s not that manly, though, I’m just used to girly Swedish male singers I think! The song is really catchy pop-rock, maybe not super-original but very jolly anyway. I was going to say it was the jolliest song about guns I’ve ever heard, but then I remembered Andreas from Alcazar’s extremely camp solo single, Lovegun. Her other songs on MySpace aren’t so good but she could have a big hit with this one, as it’s already played quite often on the local radio here, although maybe only since she is a local girl.
81% Poptastic!

Linda Kiraly – Can’t Let Go (Watch)
When this song started I thought she was going to be something along the lines of Vanessa Carlton, so I was rather surprised when it morphed into an upbeat r’n’b number! Her voice reminds me of Utada Hikaru but actually she’s Hungarian. What with Estonian Kerli also making a play for the USA at the moment, it seems to be the moment for Eastern European lady popstars, but I don’t know if either have much chance of success. This song is pretty good though (made with Rodney Jerkins), and would certainly appeal to fans of Nelly Furtado and Natasha Bedingfield. I’ll be looking out for more from her.
74% Poptastic!

Anouk – Good God (Watch)
I love Anouk so I’m glad to see a new single and album for her. She amazes me by being so fierce and fabulous despite looking quite sweet and innocent. Her songs are often very angsty but sometimes she goes for fun and this is one of those times. I’ve never noticed before but she sounds a lot like Amy Winehouse here. This is the least rocky song I’ve heard by her (or maybe it’s just more rock’n’roll than modern rock), but it’s perhaps the craziest and definitely most danceable. It’s nice to see her taking a new direction as some of her recent songs have been a bit boring, and this is definitely not. The video is really cool too, although her make-up artist definitely needs the sack!
90% Poptastic!

Emmy Rossum – Slow Me Down (Watch)
I had heard that Emmy (star of The Day After Tomorrow, Phantom of the Opera etc.) was a classical singer so I expected an album of covers of classical classics and a few modern ballads like You Raise Me Up or similar. Well, that’s what we’d get if she was English. But instead she seems to have decided that one Imogen Heap isn’t enough, and we need two of them. I have a feeling that Emmy’s singing career is going to go the same way as her Phantom co-star, Minnie Driver, especially since Emmy hasn’t done many films and is hardly a household name. She could appeal to the mum market, but this Imogen-lite material might be a bit weird for some of them, although it is a bit like Enya. It sounds nice though, and she is very pretty, but there’s something annoyingly earnest about the girl.
66% Poptastic!

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