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Although I’ve only been here 3 months, my knowledge of Swedish radio goes back much further than that. I’ve been a listener of the following stations for at least 3 years, and regularly namedrop them on this site. Therefore I thought it about time that I presented you with my guide to the three best radio stations in Sweden, and links to listen to them online:

Mix Megapol
This is one of the most varied radio stations I’ve ever heard, yet it’s also one of the most consistent in quality. This is where you can hear the classics other stations spurn, from Eiffel 65 to that Sunscreen song, alongside the latest hits from Rihanna to Moneybrother, BWO to Sugababes. Just don’t turn it on for your bathtime listening just before the rock show starts, as I did. It was not a great experience, although I did have a jolly sing-along to Hard Rock Hallelujah. There are different Mix Megapol stations around the country so you can browse between them or settle on the Gothenburg version, which I find is the best.

Rix FM
This station can’t be compared to any other in the world, because it could not exist anywhere but Sweden. This is pure pop, and the first place to hear each new single by Amy Diamond, BWO, Darin and co. As soon as Rix FM get their hands on these songs, they’ll be played hourly for the next month, so for Svenskpop fans such as me, this is radio heaven! They also play classics, but their definition of what is a classic is much more in line with mine than any other station I’ve known – think BSBs, Savage Garden and Britney. I love it.

Being Sweden’s state-run equivalent to Radio 1, it’s no surprise that the quality here is quite varied. Even within one show, the mix of music can include 1960s northern soul and the latest super-obscure indie-electro from New York. If you want to hear what’s big right now in Sweden you can check out their chart shows, Tracks or DigiListan, but avoid the comedy shows if your Swedish is lacking, since the music is sparse and more commercial. It takes some persistance, but P3 is perhaps the best station in the world for discovering the next big thing or collecting cool new acts to namedrop and impress hot indie boys and girls, which always proves useful in my life at least.

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