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Cascada – What Hurts The Most (Listen)
I don’t know if this is their new single in the UK but it is here in Sweden and before you ask, yes it is a Jo O’Meara cover. Well, OK, maybe the intention was Rascal Flatts, but if I remember correctly, Jo did release it several months before they did. I quite liked it when Jo released it, in the days before she hadn’t had her life ruined by George Orwell, and I must admit I rather enjoyed singing along to this new version when I heard it for the first time on the radio this morning, after having known for a while that they had covered it. It works much better than their awful Truly Madly Deeply, in my opinion, and that did very well (inexplicably – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t any Savage Garden fans buying it!) so I expect this’ll be a hit too, especially since it hasn’t really been a hit in ballad form in the UK. In fact, if anyone knows it, unless they’re country fans it will be for the Jo version, so they’ll probably be rather surprised at Cascada covering a minor hit by an ex-S Clubber!
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Simple Plan – When I’m Gone (Listen)
It’s rather embarrassing, but I actually quite like this song. It has some great “woah”s. I don’t really know anything about this group except they’re a rock band similar to Blink 182 and their ilk, and even my rock-loving younger sister thinks they’re bad, so they must be pretty seriously uncool. And I’m not surprised having heard this song – it sounds like a boyband song rocked up a bit, but when I say boyband I’m not thinking so much of Busted or McFly but Backstreet Boys or second album A1. Sung with a less stupid voice, it would be really poptastic. In fact, it’s quite poptastic already. Interestingly, one of its producers was another protgée of Timbaland. What with Ryan Tedder and now this guy, known as Danja, Timbaland is really taking over the whole of music at the moment at a worrying rate.
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