The winner of X Factor 2007 is found!

Of course they were already my personal favourites, but this week’s performance sealed the deal: justice will only be served if Same Difference win the X Factor! I never dared to dream that someone would sing High School Musical on ‘songs from the movies’ night, so I was extraordinarily excited when not only did someone sing it but it was my most adored, Same Difference. As soon as I saw them I thought of High School Musical, because of their genuine joyousness, and of course there is a brother/sister singing duo in the films too. Even if their jolliness was fake, I’d still love them – being jolly is always better than being boring. I was excited last week when Simon compared them to HSM, and so it was logical that they should sing Breaking Free on film night and do so brilliantly. I grinned madly from start to finish!


I love the bit in the intro where they both say “amaaaazing!” at the same time. They are both just bursting with greatness. It is a worry if they do well that they will be given some awful Fast Food Rockers type songs, but actually normal pop songs would be great for them (and as we who look further afield than the UK and USA know, there are plenty to choose from) and I think Simon will see this, so he had better be in charge of them once the show is over. I think Breaking Free was a great song to choose, because HSM has a real place in the hearts of its fans – including Sarah, it seems, who was very pleasingly excited to get to sing this song.

I am especially pleased that Louis is criticising them, because disagreeing with that brainless turd always confirms my excellent taste. Having been so harsh on them (only to get his own back about the McDonalds – as if Louis really dislikes camp things!) has put him in a corner, meaning he now can’t even admit when they are good, and the more they improve the more stupid he looks. He even did them an accidental favour by comparing them to Eurovision – what’s the betting they’ll be our entry for 2008?

My second favourites are FutureProof, since I always love boybands and these guys are talanted and nice. Richard is my favourite, since he looks like Will Young, but I think Sean seems sweet, Adam has a great voice, Aaron seems cheeky if chavvy. I’m not so fond of Matthew but his outfits always provide great hilarity, especially in the first live show – what were they thinking? I’d like to see Futureproof do an upbeat song, to see if they’re capable, because with Take That and Westlife not looking like going away, we need a boyband who does more than ballads. However, I don’t think we’ll get it next week, as it’s the week I despise the most on all these shows, swing week. Ewww, I hate it! The week after had better be ABBA to make up for it, or at least musicals.

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