Bleeding Love is written by Jesse McCartney? JESSE MCCARTNEY??? He has never even had a good song by himself – how did he manage to write one as amazing as this for someone else? It is a complete mystery. He was in Dream Street, for goodness sake. I am entirely in shock!

In related news, the co-writer of the track was Ryan Tedder, who seems to be the name of the moment. He is the singer of the brilliant I Apologise, as currently released in its remixed form by Timbaland, while his writing credits include Bleeding Love, Do It Well by J.Lo, Blake Lewis’ new single, Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield, as well as heaps more such as Christina Milian, Lemar and… erm… Tupac, apparently! It seems he is the next big songwriter, but out of all these songs I would only say Bleeding Love and I Apologise are really fantastic, the others being just OK. I think it must be difficult for someone like this who is very suddenly heralded as the new big talent, and then has to produce like a machine as many more songs as good as their hits as fast as possible. Amazing songs can’t be churned out like that, so the expectations of him are huge and it must be quite immense pressure on him. Still, I can’t say I’m not jealous of someone with the ability to write music which is moving not only lyrically but sonically – it’s an incredibly valuable talent, I think.

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