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Justin & Beyoncé – Until The End Of Time (Listen)
So, two super-famous popstars, responsible for some amazing hits in the past, team up for a duet. Normally I’d be really excited, but looking back to other recent examples of this happening, it’s not really a recipe for brilliance. Think Walk This Way, or Beautiful Liar in it’s original form… In fact, it seems the record companies think that getting the two great acts together is enough of a novelty, and giving them a great song to sing would just be a waste – better to save it for when you really it. Here we have a meeting of the man and woman behind Cry Me A River and Crazy In Love. So what is the result? The most dreary ballad of the year, of course! Someone call in the Freemasons, quick! The version I’ve linked to is supposedly a remix, so I dread to think how dull the original was.
43% Poptastic!

Private – My Secret Lover (Watch)
This new band are apparently closely linked with the ever-fabulous Junior Senior and you can’t say that’s surprising, because the retro catchiness is in full swing. This is great! It’s a little more electro than Junior Senior usually are, but it is certainly very similar to their sound. It’s exciting that even though it’s probably going to be a while until we get new material from our jolly Danish duo, there is a whole Private album to enjoy in the meantime – let’s hope it’s all as good as this. The other tracks on their MySpace are really really poptastic too (in fact I think I prefer them both to My Secret Lover, which is a big compliment to them rather than any detriment to MSL) so I am very sure I will be tracking down their CD when I take a trip to Copenhagen later this year. Could this be a new favourite band? I haven’t been this impressed since Alphabeat!
89% Poptastic!

Girls Aloud – Call The Shots (Listen)
Is this really going to be their next single? I think I must be missing something cos it doesn’t seem very exciting to me, even though all the other reviews I’ve seen have been very positive. I’ve heard that they are going for a more mature sound, which is understandable as they’ve been going for quite a while now, but why does mature always have to mean boring? It doesn’t make me very excited about getting older! Surely there must be some fun to be had when you’re no longer in your teens. Girls Aloud can normally be trusted to bring the funtimes whenever they’re needed, so I hope this is just a temporary blip and we’ll soon be back on course. Come on girls, we know you can do it! This sounds like a typical GA album track, which is of course not an insult at all, but I want something better for a single. Maybe it’s a grower…
75% Poptastic!

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