New Svenskpop On The Block

Gummy Bear – Jag är en Gummibjörn (Watch)
This is one of the weirdest novelty songs I have ever heard. First there was a hideous song (similar to Crazy Frog) about gummy bears in the Swedish charts, and now it has been replaced by one in Swedish. It is rather surreal, but quite handy for practicing my Swedish. I’m sure the Swedish for “I am a gummy bear” will be very useful in my next Swedish exam at the start of December.
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Markoolio – Idollåten (Listen)
Another novelty artist, but actually quite a good one – Markoolio has done some great pop songs. I’m not sure how funny they are (my understanding of Swedish doesn’t quite extend to jokes yet), but since his subjects include schlager and Idol (the Swedish version of Pop Idol, currently in progress on TV here) I’m sure they’re great. They might make fun of these things but the music is just as silly pop (think Vengaboys or Blue Lagoon, on Idollåten), and good pop too, although this is perhaps a bit too summery for October.
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September – Until I Die (Listen)
I somehow haven’t got around to mentioning it yet, but September’s new album is one of the best dance-pop records ever made! She could have released any track as the second single (to follow Can’t Get Over) and I would be satisfied. I have spent much time since the album was released dancing around my ‘studentrum’ to this album. This track is more on the dance than pop side, but it’s as catchy as September’s music always is. She’s such a great popstar, it actually makes me sad that uneducated others are deprived of her and her aceness.
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