I’m So Into This Groove!

I had several MSN conversations last night with people who had downloaded the new Madonna song and their opinions varied from “I’m really unsure” to “it’s terrible!”, so as you can imagine once my stupidly slow Internet finally allowed me to hear it, I approached with trepidation. However, I am extremely pleased to say that… Continue reading I’m So Into This Groove!

Over 25s

Chico:I’m embarrassed to say I have found Chico quite entertaining so far, although I’m sure I’ll regret saying that in a few weeks’ time when he’s annoying us all every week. Then again, few people seem annoying when on the same show as Louis Walsh.Song he should sing: Village People – YMCA Brenda:I was surprised… Continue reading Over 25s

X Factor: The Finalists (Part 2)

Groups: Addictiv Ladies:Another really annoying name. Well, it’s a good enough name when said aloud, just the missing of the “e” makes is stupid. However, I really like these girls – they have everything absolutely right (personality, looks, dancing, style) except for the singing, but as all true pop fans know as long as they… Continue reading X Factor: The Finalists (Part 2)

X Factor: The Finalists

Firstly I must have a large rant about the idiocy of Louis Walsh. Does he have to ruin everything? We all know he is rude, arrogant and brainless but he seem se to have fallen to new depths of stupidity. Surely it was not just me expecting the two 16-yr-old boys in his group to… Continue reading X Factor: The Finalists

Video Killed The Radio Star

The Modern – Jane Falls DownThe Modern are one of the British bands most deserving of mainstream success, yet so far they’ve had very little acknowledgement, despite being quite obviously acetastic. Suburban Culture, their last single, was a brilliant track but I think this is even better. Think New Order meets Bodies Without Organs, or… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star


My latest James Blunt theory (as detailed in this week’s Stylus Singles Jukebox) has been proven entirely correct with his mid-week chart positions. His new single, High, despite heavy radio play and being much better than You’re Beautiful, is currently missing the top 20. Of course he has no need to worry – his album… Continue reading Untitled