I’m So Into This Groove!

I had several MSN conversations last night with people who had downloaded the new Madonna song and their opinions varied from “I’m really unsure” to “it’s terrible!”, so as you can imagine once my stupidly slow Internet finally allowed me to hear it, I approached with trepidation. However, I am extremely pleased to say that all my friends have terrible taste in music and this song is absolutely brilliant! I was expecting to love it since I’d heard that it was quite Gwen Stefani-esque, and of course that it samples Abba, of whom I am unsurprisingly (Swedish, Eurovision etc.) a huge fan of.

The song begins quite similarly to Gwen’s What You Waiting For, with a ticking noise, which may be a mistake as it will obviously only make stupid opinionless people go on about the similarity even more (to cover up the fact that they can’t compose their own opinion, of course). On first listen I did agree with those whose problem with the song is that the vocals don’t fit quite right with the sample, but the more I listen to it the more I get used to the sound and the chorus in particular has been stuck in my head all day.

And for the final and most important reason why it is great, even my mum loves it! This again was helped by the Abba sample but she does genuinely like the song, and if there’s one person who represents the music buying public of Great Britain, it is my mother. She thinks Ronan Keating has a cute nose, she’s only just got into James Blunt and she listens to Radio 1 when she’s doing stuff around the house because she hasn’t yet worked out how to change the channel on her radio. So, on this basis, the song is bound to be a hit!

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