My latest James Blunt theory (as detailed in this week’s Stylus Singles Jukebox) has been proven entirely correct with his mid-week chart positions. His new single, High, despite heavy radio play and being much better than You’re Beautiful, is currently missing the top 20. Of course he has no need to worry – his album has stayed at no.3, but this still means that his truly dedicated fans are much fewer than his enormous record sales suggest. Surely someone who was at no.1 for weeks with his last single could muster more than a no.21? He is such a strange phenomenon, but I can entirely understand how it has happened. It’s not that there are a huge number of people who love him or his music, but the simplicity of his music means most people (and I’m talking general public here, not just the kind of music fans who read and write blogs like this one) think he is at least “OK”. Also, I think the lack of knowledge about him means that people had no reason to be biased against him, so if someone heard and liked one of his songs and seen how well he was doing, they are obviously going to buy the album. And before we knew it, he was ruling the charts while the whole country was still wondering who on Earth he was!

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