X Factor: The Finalists (Part 2)


Addictiv Ladies:
Another really annoying name. Well, it’s a good enough name when said aloud, just the missing of the “e” makes is stupid. However, I really like these girls – they have everything absolutely right (personality, looks, dancing, style) except for the singing, but as all true pop fans know as long as they can vaguely hold a tune it hardly matters in the real pop world, where they’ll never be forced to sing live anyway. The only difficulty is that they will have to sing live on TV for the next however many weeks, and when compared to the others, some of whom are very talented, their lack of singing talent will show.
Song they should sing: Girls Aloud – No Good Advice

Another silly name – Fourtune would clearly be better as it looks more like Fortune. I am glad these guys are back as I thought it was a great injustice that they were beaten by 2-To-Go and Voice With(out) Soul last time. Guess who was responsible for that! Since then they’ve started up an official site and seem to have quite a strong following so hopefully they’ll do a lot better this year. I like them because they fit together so well. They all have the same coloured hair and skin, yet look slightly different so they are identifiable, and their voices fit perfectly together, making the other boybands seem completely crap in comparison (I wonder if Brothers or 4th Ba5e would have gone through if 4Tune hadn’t entered?). It’s amazing that they found each other – even national auditions couldn’t find a group to work this well, and apparently they have been together nearly a decade, since the youngest member was only 9! Even without the X Factor they seemed to be on the edge of success, as they were in talks with Beyoncé’s dad’s record company, Sanctuary Urban Records. Lets hope the result of X Factor isn’t less than they could have got by entering the music industry that other way.
Song they should sing: Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

The Conway Sisters:
These girls could be called The Corrs without the ugly bloke, but the girls are nohwere near as pretty as the female Corrs. They could do very well in the current innoffensiveness-loving musical era, but if Bellefire couldn’t manage it with several tries I don’t see what these girls could do to improve on their very limited success.
Song they should sing: B*Witched – Blame It On The Weatherman

Brothers Journey South:
What a terrible name! Sadly this pair could do fairly well with their cheesily bland U2-covering, but the fact that one of them looks like Darren Day and sings like he is even more desperate than Mr Day himself, puts me right off them.
Song they should sing: Take That – Back For Good

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