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I’m embarrassed to say I have found Chico quite entertaining so far, although I’m sure I’ll regret saying that in a few weeks’ time when he’s annoying us all every week. Then again, few people seem annoying when on the same show as Louis Walsh.
Song he should sing: Village People – YMCA

I was surprised when Sharon said Brenda “doesn’t have the best voice in the competition”, because I think she is one of the better singers this year. Sharon also said she doesn’t have the right look which isn’t true at all – for her age she looks great and there are many singers who look similar, especially from disco era, who are still going and always look very glam. She’s also got a great personality and has so far been very likeable – she should do well.
Song she should sing: The Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go?

This bloke seems nice enough but extremely dull and fails miserably in comparison to existing singers with similar looks, voices and styles. He is especially comparable to the Lighthouse Family’s singer, Tunde, but he is just not up to that standard.
Song he should sing: Charles & Eddie – Would I Lie To You

She has already sng her perfect song with Since U Been Gone as, like Kelly Clarkson, she has that terribly annoying habit of over-singing and even shouting through her songs in the belief that louder is better. As anyone with any taste in singing at all should know, she is quite wrong. I think Maria could be quite good if she didn’t belt out every single note. She should sing the majority of the song at normal volume and leave the belting to the chorus or just the end, as it would then be more impressive.
Song she should sing: Lulu – Shout (at least then she could be excused for it!)

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