And the winner…of Pope Idol…2005…is…….. Madonna! Hurrah!

Everybody’s Gone Surfin…

Here’s what you should be looking at on the Internet if you have any sense at all: The new Stylus UK Singles Jukebox is up and if you look closely you might even recognise one of the contributors! Anyone who has seen the Conservative party election campaign currently appearing on seemingly every billboard in Britain,… Continue reading Everybody’s Gone Surfin…


Sadly the pope has now gone up to the spirit in the sky, so the heat is on to find his successor. And why shouldn’t it be a pop star? According to this web site, Jesus himself was the first pop star! The main criteria for being a pope must surely be that they are… Continue reading Untitled

Pope Idol!

Just like Busted, the media are looking for a replacement for the Pope before he’s even dead. But surely in this day and age there is only one to find someone suitably for the job…a reality show! Visit Dirrrty Pop tomorrow for episode 1 of Pope Idol where we will introduce the contestants.

Video Killed The Radio Star

Candee Jay – Lose This FeelingI was hoping this would be good because we need some good quality Europop in this country but sadly it is not. It’s by the producers of Alice Deejay, but obviously Alice (if she really was called that – I was never quite sure) was the necessary ingredient for aceness… Continue reading Video Killed The Radio Star