Video Killed The Radio Star

Candee Jay – Lose This Feeling
I was hoping this would be good because we need some good quality Europop in this country but sadly it is not. It’s by the producers of Alice Deejay, but obviously Alice (if she really was called that – I was never quite sure) was the necessary ingredient for aceness cos Candee Jay is lacking in anything remotely pop starry.

Morcheeba – Wonders Never Cease
I know this band are generally considered to be at the heart of Dullsville, I actually quite like some of their songs. They have a new vocalist called daisy who is clearly just Swedish pop girl Pauline Kamusewu in disguise. Not only does she sound just like her in voice but this song could be off Pauline’s own (very ace) album. It’s a nice single but not as good as the Pauline songs (particularly Answer).

Weezer – Beverley Hills
What has happened to Weezer? They used to be quite good, for a rock band, but their new single is quite rubbish! It’s nothing like what they usually release. The singer, whose name I forget, still looks geeky and adorable, but it’s set in the Playboy Mansion, which is nowhere near twee enough for my liking.

Videos I’m loving this week:
Justin Timberlake (I’m ignoring his companions) – Signs
HAL – Play The Hits
The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It

And the ones I’m avoiding at all costs:
The Gaff – Weirdo
J-Lo & Fat Joe – Hold You Down
50 Cent – Candy Shop

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