Hit Me Baby A Million More Times If It’s This Much Fun!

How ace was Hit Me Baby One More Time tonight? A quick rundown of my thoughts:

Gloria Gaynor – She still sounded great and that is obviously a total classic of a song, but it’s been praised many a time and she is gettin gan a bit so it’s time for someone else to take the glory, I think. Plus, she didn’t do Dirrty – if she had I’d be backing her all the way! The discofied Beautiful was quite ace, though.

Howard Jones – I’d been trying all week to work out what he sang and now I can finally match the song to the man. I don’t think he was particularly good though, and bizarrely small! I was interested to hear that he worked with the Sugababes though – apparently it was the album track Blue which he produced.

Honeyz – I was very disappointed with their singing, which was not very good at all. I quite liked Finally Found when it came out, even bought the single, but it sounded even worse than their cover version, which is pretty bad considering it was Nickelback! Strangely, I never knew until tonight that Heavenli was German.

Limahl – Yesterday I told my mum who was lined up for the show. Her reaction to Limahl’s name was, “Lemar? He’s only just come out!” I explained that this was not the Fame Academy graduate, but the 80s style disaster, Limahl. This evening when Limahl was announced my Grandma said, “Lemar’s still going, isn’t he?” I explained again. Then, half way through his song, my Grandad said, “I thought Lemar was black!” I couldn’t be botherd to explain. Limahl was rubbish – they should have got Lemar instead.

Tiffany – Tiffany’s was my favourite of the original songs, and she put in a great performance. She’s still young enough to be a pop star. In fact, she reminded me of Lena Ph and for a minute I imagined I was watching Melodifestivalen. Ah, if only. I just wish Tiffany had done one of GA’s more 80s songs as that would’ve been the height of irony. An 80s popstar covering a pretend 80s song, better than most songs actually from the 80s.

I’m excited about next week, but I don’t think it’ll be as good as the first show. The only people we could make out from the pictures at the end were Shakin’ Stevens and Dr & The Medics, neither of which I’m a fan of, but maybe the others will be good. I’m sure it’ll be another fun cheesy show anyway!

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