Dirrrty Pop Review: Hit Me Baby One More Time

So it’s week 2 and nowhere near as good as the first week but there were a couple of good ones. Here’s my review:

Shakin’ Stevens – When they showed him at the radio station I actually thought it was Mike Read. Then Mike himself was randomly on Ant & Dec an hour later which was very spooky! And annoying because I don’t like either of them. However, the mums were out in force as expected and it was no suprise that he won given his lack of strong competition.

Jaki Graham – Her song was only no.7 in the charts so she had a setback already and from hearing her voice in the clips she seems to have lost whatever talent she had. Her singing was reasonable but not as amazing as the betting guy was proclaiming. Leave Your Game to Will, eh?

Belinda Carlisle – Very disappointing! Heaven Is A Place On Earth is obviously a fab song but her performance was not very good and her Coldplay cover was extremely boring. She was our only hope against ‘Shaky’ and his army of mums and she let us down. Go back to France!

Haddaway – Hurrah! Someone good! When Howard Jones announced last week he was going to sing What Is Love the only song I could think ofcalled that was this one. Then, 2nd spooky coincidence of the night, here is a Haddaway a week later singing this What Is Love! It is a top song and his version of Toxic was slightly scary but still better than any of the other covers. I love my 90s Eurodance so it would have been great if he’d won but it was never likely.

Dr & The Medics – How sad to still be dressing like that at their age. They’re just like the Darkness well ahead of their time. Lets hope they are as unknown as Dr & the Medics in 20 years’ time (or now would do fine!).

And next week it’s Nick Heyward (Haircut 100) (my mum likes him), Carol Decker (yay!), Baccara (more yay!), Mica Paris (don’t know her songs) and The Pasadenas (no idea!).

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