Sadly the pope has now gone up to the spirit in the sky, so the heat is on to find his successor. And why shouldn’t it be a pop star? According to this web site, Jesus himself was the first pop star! The main criteria for being a pope must surely be that they are Catholic, so here are the 5 contestants and a bit about their Catholicism:

Contestant No. 1: Morrissey
Morrissey is famous for his Irish Catholic upbringing and recently took to dressing as a Catholic priest during concerts.

Contestant No. 2: Madonna
Madonna was Catholic until she reached high school and began to rebel. She and her husband recently attended a party dressed as a nun and the Pope, which of course upset the Catholics so perhaps now is her time to redeem herself?

Contestant No. 3: Stephen Gately
In an interview with NME (yes you read that right!) he said: “I’ve been brought up to be Catholic, but I don’t know the last time I was in church! I believe in God in my own way and do my own things like meditation.”

Contestant No. 4: Liz from Atomic Kitten
She told Newsround: “I’m from a Catholic background and I saw a nun when I was in a supermarket in London. I was laughing with my mate but, as soon as I saw the nun, I shut up and said: “Excuse me sister, can I help you?””

Contestant No. 5: Will Smith
He went to Catholic school for nine years. He wouldn’t be the first black pope – that honour went to St Victor in the late 2nd century, so perhaps he should stick to running for president?

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