Songs That Could Conquer The World

I’m often discovering songs which could easily be no.1 in every country on the planet if only they were properly promoted or even released outside their home country. So here are some of the best hidden treasures and missed opportunities I’ve ever heard:

Thicke – When I Get You Alone

This song was set for release in the UK some time last year but if it ever got released at all it didn’t do well. However, everyone I know who heard it loves it and it did pretty well in Europe and Robin Thicke’s home of America. It’s a epic of a track, with a very famous classical piece as the backing track, which he sings over with a massive great chorus and a fantastic middle 8. His album is mostly disappointing but he made up for it by writing Friday’s Child’s best song, Very Kind (although WIGYA is very different to VK you can hear the Thicke style in it). I was incredibly excited when I heard that Robin was writing for Will and then when I found out it was Very Kind that he had written as you can imagine I jumped for joy a little bit.

Robyn – Blow My Mind

Robyn’s released a few corkers over the years but this song is by far her best in my opinion. It’s the kind of thing Kylie or Britney would sing if they were a million times better (high praise from me as I *heart* Britney) and I actually think it’s on a par with Toxic. It’s got that same cutely intoxicating value but much more delicate and just gorgeous. It’s quite a sexy song but it gives me images of fairies for some reason (they’d have to be rock chick fairies though cos there’s some great guitar bits in the middle) and at the beginning it sounds like one of those wind up mobiles that babies have over their beds. It’s like a poptastic lullaby although I doubt anyone could go to sleep without wanting to hear the rest of this song.

Erik Faber – Century

I thought this song was alright when I first heard it, then I put it on my mp3 player and sat out in the sun listening to this and I think I almost had a stroke because it is one of the most amazingly emotional songs I’ve ever heard. The best bits are the first sombre verse, the heart-wrenching chorus (especially the last chorus with the massive “fi-IRE”) and the bitter line at 1:28, “Well everyone’s got needs but (emotive pause) what about mine?” If Radio 2 got their hands on this it could be SO huge. I heard them playing Hoobastank the other day which is in the same vein and rather ace but nothing on this. If you want a song to scream along to but find rock music idiotic, this should be your angry anthem. Faber than fab!

Jason Mraz – The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) & You And I Both

Quite a few people do know of this guy now, his album is easily available and he’s even done a few tour dates in the UK but his songs still haven’t gained the countless weeks at no.1 they deserve. The Remedy is a fast paced, very catchy song bursting with funny lyrics which I’m proud to say I can recite faultlessly! You And I Both is a beautoful, heart-warming ballad that sounds quite normal until the 2nd or 3rd listen when you suddenly realise you’re absolutely in love with it. Jason is a less serious answer to John Mayer, but these 2 songs are far superior to anything he ever released. Hopefully Jason will have another try here with The Remedy soon but it looks unlikely…

Hitchhike – Travel Girl

Now here is a song perfect for the UK charts. It has novelty value but is still devastatingly cool and sexy, whilst being unbelievably catchy and hypnotising. You can’t fail to smile listening to this track – there is just nothing like it. It’s basically an American girl speaking over an excellent electropop backing that Girls Aloud would die for. My favourite lines are: “I wake up and the dude driving has his pants down, huh! What the fuck?”, “He kept chattering about electric cars – what? What? Never mind!” and “Woah, that guy was whacked out!” I have to thank Edward for introducing me to this fine track and also Erik Faber. Hooray!

If I’d written this a year ago The Rasmus and Stacie Orrico would have been included, so I guess there is some hope. I also loved Lucy Woodward and look where she is now – nowhere! If you can’t find these tracks and want to hear them you can download them off me from Soulseek or WinMX, more info on the sidebar ->

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