Have You Met Mr Jones?

Have you ever wondered what happened to The Other One from Savage Garden? If you’re like me, this is one of the great mysteries of life. On the other hand, you have probably forgotten he ever existed, or worse forgotten who Savage Garden are completely. You know, Darren Hayes’ band? The Insatiable bloke? Oh never mind! I have been on a quest to find out exactly what did happen to Daniel Jones. I already knew that he worked with the vaguely ace Aussie group Aneiki, but I have found some other interesting info:

Exciting news #1

He’s engaged. To a member of Hi-5! It’s a girl as well, Kathleen. I’m sure people will continue saying he and Darren were a couple though.

Exciting news #2

He’s working with a Popstars contestant, name Julie Strickland – this will probably mean something to our pals in Oz unless she is totally obscure. Still, he is doing something and the more boring and unfamous he gets the more likely they will reform the Garden, although I’m not sure they’ll ever repeat the Affirmation album, or Truly Madly Deeply. But they could at least try.

Exciting news #3

Today is the 7 year anniversary of the release of the Savage Garden album. I didn’t get into them properly until later but that is beside by the point. Happy anniversary!

In other news, click here and scroll a bit for loads of Maroon 5 live performances. Ryan plays bongos!

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