We’re Speaking All In Code

As you probably know, the title of this post is a line from the Sugababes current hit In The Middle. You may also know that the girls have their own secret code, so I’ve translated 5 of their songs into a code for you to descramble and added one line from the song as a clue. Good luck!

1. Uivzp Orpv Nv

‘Cos it’s all about the dark in me

2. Rm Gsv Nrwwov

Fellas get cool and freaky

3. Mvd Bvzi

Sitting here stressing at 2:30am

4. Hlfo Hlfmw

Intuition’s got a hold on me, there’s magic in the air

5. Ilfmw Ilfmw

We’ll ride stir-fried on the beat down low

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