Video Killed The Radio Star

Pop! – Heaven And Earth

This band have to be good or I’ll have to change my e-mail, username and even the name of this site so people don’t think I’m a fan. Luckily this is alright, although I was expecting much better. The boys don’t sing at all, possibly because one is just a dancer (though he’s hot so it doesn’t matter) and the other is Jamie Tinkler. The best bit by a mile is the great middle 8. You can always count on a great middle 8 to save a song. I’m not sure if this is going to do well though – probably not brilliantly so.

The Calling – Our Lives

This band are my occasional guilty pleasure. I’ve got their Camino Palmero album and it’s quite rubbish, but I can’t deny my adoration for Wherever You Will Go, Adrienne and Alex’s fab duet with Santana, Why Don’t You And I. Our Lives has had huge amounts of radio play already, having been in the Core Control top 10 for months and on a few occasions swiping the no.1 spot away from our William. The video is a typical American light rock affair, with the most amusing part being the usually rather lovely Alex’s scary resemblance to Aaron Carter!

V – Blood, Sweat & Tears

This new boyband have been promoted plenty on CD:UK and TOTP Saturday, even Popworld played the video in full a few weeks ago, but still there is no sign of them on the music channels which I find quite odd but I suppose they are stalling to release after McFly have died down a bit, as V were also on Busted ‘s tour and have the same management. This song is a little George Michael-ish in the same way a lot of songs are at the moment, and it’s catchy but doesn’t seem strong enough for their debut. This is not going to capture a nation of kids desperate to get away from pop and I don’t think even Busted’s mostly brainless fans are going to fall for the same trick twice, even if the band are total buff hotties.

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