Ooh I Want You

I don’t know if I need you but ooh I’d die to find out… But I have already got 3 CDs arriving on Wednesday and 2 more in a fortnight, so I guess I could ask for SS for Easter and Ben doesn’t come out til the end of the month so I’ll think about… Continue reading Ooh I Want You

Move Over Soundic Radio!

There’s a new radio station in town. Click here for Europa Plus, a very fab Russian station. They’ve only played one Western song in half an hour but unluckily it was the BEPS. You may think UK (Or Australian or wherever you’re from) stations play too much of the Peas, but a listen to Swedish… Continue reading Move Over Soundic Radio!

Top Of The Uh-Ohs

It’s time for a poll on Dirrrty Pop! The trend in pop music of filling songs with “uh-oh”s is growing constantly, so I decided to ask you which is your favourite “uh-oh” song of all time: Beyoncé – Crazy In Love “Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh oh nono” The Rasmus – In The Shadows “Uh-oh x4 in… Continue reading Top Of The Uh-Ohs

Reviews Week On Dirrrty Pop!

My review for today is, unsurprisingly, the Maroon 5 concert that I went to last night in Birmingham. I’m pleased to say that this post still applies, because they were fantastic! They began with I’m Not Coming Home and sang most of the songs from their album Songs About Jane as well as a new… Continue reading Reviews Week On Dirrrty Pop!

Reviews Week On Dirrrty Pop!

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this week is Reviews Week which means every day I review something. Doesn’t sound very exciting when I put it like that but never mind. First up is Will Young’s CD single for Your Game. There are 2 CDs available – CD1 which costs £3.99 and includes Your… Continue reading Reviews Week On Dirrrty Pop!


Or in fact any day this week would be fine. Just buy it! When they say Limited Edition they do actually mean it as I never managed to get a copy of the last limited edition single he did. My collection is incomplete and it’s very upsetting.

The Name Of The Game

Did you know that certain names are several times more likely to belong to a buff hottie than a duff nottie? Today I will pit against each other two of the names most common among buff hotties: Adam and Will! Buff Hottie Adams: The Brody: The Levine (centre): The Garcia: Buff Hottie Wills: The Idol:… Continue reading The Name Of The Game

Wrong Wrong Wrong!

I had a whole long post written out about American Idol but then my computer crashed and I lost it so I am just going to post some pictures of sparkly-eyed Matthew Metzger instead.

Poptastic Fantastic!

If you search for poptastic at technorati.com, 2 of the 3 are results are Dirrrty Pop! I’m so proud.