Reviews Week On Dirrrty Pop!

My review for today is, unsurprisingly, the Maroon 5 concert that I went to last night in Birmingham. I’m pleased to say that this post still applies, because they were fantastic! They began with I’m Not Coming Home and sang most of the songs from their album Songs About Jane as well as a new song called Wasted Years and the last song was a cover of Oasis’ Don’t Look Back In Anger, which actually sounds good when not sung by Liam Gallagher or, even worse, Peter Brame. The boys looked lovely as usual although I did notice that guitarist James (who I was very near to) looks a lot like an equally beautiful boy in our 6th form. Adam (lead singer) talked to the crowd a lot, mostly about the subjects of the songs, which included cursing girls in general and the infamous Jane, and some toys (including an apparently Jewish octopus!), notes and a rose that were thrown on stage. I was sad not to get a good view of my favourite member, the lovely Ryan. The support act were a US rock band I’ve never heard of called Kane. They could have been worse but they could have been a lot better too, although I guess it’s hard to find a band that all Maroon 5 fans would like as there aren’t many around that are similar to them. I will post up some photos if I find any.

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